Truth to Live 21

February 26, 2022

As I read on the importance to concentrate on truth I have come to a realization. The journey on this Earth is to fullfill our own destiny. Our destiny is within and we must be conscious of what we create. When you spell live backwards it spells evil. Therefore it is evil to not live up to our highest potential. Do the work and by concentrating on the inner we can change our outer world. Create that which is good.


Week 20

February 19, 2022

The Scepter of Power

Tonight I write on the subject of Power and how I have run away from the Power from within. These past few weeks have been on a journey of running away from the Power that is within me. I see that the old me does not want to become the person that I could become. The good habits that would allow me to become the person that I can become shows that I have not done my habits. If I keep on doing the same thing I will get the same results. Tonight in my unexpected sit and meditaion the thouht came to me that I was afraid. However I inow that being afraid to live a more powerful means that I must recognize the fear and follow the guides to successful habits. The guide is for me to follow the habits that take me to the place where I am the person that I am to become.

Week 17

January 21, 2022

Time to Reboot

It is time for me to reboot and re-energize. I dont know what happened other than my old self is close to death and it is fighting to stay alive. The battle to kill the old self is to follow the habits. The habits are the formula for my success. All that has been given to me through MKE reinforces what I have always asked for. Just tell me what to do. This is a battle for my soul to succeed and This week and the upcoming minutes, hours, days are the path to my success.

Week 14

January 1, 2022

Understanding the Journey More

I am finally feeling the fuel that will propel me to be the best Felton I can be . I just watched Parts of Cool Runnings and Rudy. My plan is to go back and watch the movies completely. Due to time contraints and family I viewed the abreviated versions. However, I clearly saw, understood how with the Sleding team from Jamaica and the football story incorporated the Definite Major Purpose, Positive Mental Attitude, Plan of Action and having a Mastermind Alliance. The major key learning experiece for me were the intense emotions. For me that was the fuel that propelled them to success. I coud see it, I could feel it and I could witness the people that were surrounding the individuals who comprised of the Master mind alliance. I realize for my journey I have to overcome my upbringing of not showing emotions, not being too demonstrative and overcome the self limiting beliefs that I have grown accustomed to living by. I truly understand the directive of saying our plans with enthusiasm. Seeing the movies helped me better understand the journey..

Week 12

December 21, 2021

The Journey Continues

I am now starting to feel an inner peace that I have not known before. This program to master my life is the best educational program that I have ever experienced. I have read many books and meditated yet never have I embarked on a quest that teache me how to create, create inner peace, sustain inner peace and manifest an outward state of peace. Mastering something means that repition was a vital part of the learning process. Thus repition is the means that MKE provides the pathway to inner peace, mastering the life that we have chosen and making the successful changes for the life we have been given. Know and believe the power from within guides each and everyone of us. Inner peace is the desire.

Week 11

December 10, 2021

Faith After Having a Car Accident

Yesterday I had a car accident yet I was not as rattled as I might have been and I can attribute my thought process to the benefits of MKE. I am sharing my thoughts as they come to me vs thinking about how I was going to structure the blog. First, I realize even more, how important it is to surround yourself with good people and people who can uplift you and of like mind. Several people not a part of MKE would mae comments that they were sad that something bad had happened to me like this. Another comment was that it is terrible that something else bad had happened. The last person was referring that I had 4 close peole to die within the last 2 weeks. I look at these as a learning experience to make lemonade out of the lemon. Experiences like these help me put into practice how to look for things in my life and especially watching for the shapes which correspond to major purpose. My tribe team are very inspiring and encouraging. The things that we are learning has helped me manage my thoughts which ultimately helps me cope.

Week 10 The Journey Continues

December 4, 2021

Today is a new day, the past is gone and tomorrow has not come. I am realizing that through MKE how important it is to exercise harmonius thoughts, and our constructive thoughts must in harmony with the universe and the infinite. I have struggled with negative thoughts for ove 50 years. I have made decisions that has caused me to owe more than $175,000 due to business and personal decisions. However MKE is showing me how to change my life and make a loving, happy, harmonious, powerful, strong and whole life.

The past is gone. Again today I realize that I have a tendency to keep looing back in the past. By doing so I allow the thoughts to surface which are not in harmony with the infinite. Those past thoughts do not make me happy. However before MKE I did not systematically practice or excercise “The Seven Day Mental Diet”. I see “The Seven Day Mental Diet” as a life long exercise. Now I realize I handle my past negative thoughts by practicing constant thought selection and thought control. By changing my thoughts, the real key to a harmonius life is to change my mind and my conditions will change. Therefore I chooe to realie that the past is gone and I now focus on the present and the future me.

I now know today is what is important. Today is a present, a gift. Be present and as stated in”The Seven Day Mental Diet”. I am in constant training to choose the subect of my thinking at any given time. I must remember to choose my emotional tone. My emotional tone tells me to greet the day with love in my heart and My emotional tone is to form good habits and become their slave.

In conclusion, I am understanding more that my gift is today, a present and I set in motion a better tomorrow. I can say that I am finding a new found joy and a way to systematically continue the harmonious journey.

Week 9 I Am Thankful

November 27, 2021

The MKE experience has reminded me of recogning the importance of being thankful. I now come to see more clearly the circumstances in my life are things that I am to be grateful. In one of the readings I am reminded that darkness allows us to be thankful for sun light, sadness allows us to be thankful to be joyous, death allows us to be thankful of life. Now is the time to visualize I can be who I want to be. I am now given the tools to allow me to be the person I can be. I am thankful that the MKE program was given to me so that I may become the greatest version of myself. All I can say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Week 8 Journey and Loss

November 22, 2021

Journey of steps takes one step at a time. I have had a lots of ups and downs this past week however the MKE experience has tremendously helped me cope. In the past I would have allowed the old script of Felton creep in to soothe the pain that I may have experienced. What has happened included a good friend dying of Covid, a young cousin dying, my wife having a light stroke. I faced up to my mortality and the possibilty of my home life that could change at a moment notice. “Do it Now” is so important. Why becuase the next day is not promised and saying I will get around to it may result in missing the opportunity of what you had planned to do. I recognize and smile to myself when I internally say “oh I will do it later” and my internal response is “do it now”. Also, on this journey, I am eperiencing more of an inner peace. The feeling of silent desperation is not as prevalent. Again, I attribute how I am coping with the MKE experience. Even though I am still a little behind, don’t quiete grasp the blogging assignment and I need to figure our what I am to do about tweets, I still am taking one step at a time on this journey. I am happy to say that I am not beating myself up because I don’t feel like I am where I should be on the journey. MKE is a powerful experience and I am so, so, so glad I was introduced to the life changing journey.

Thoughts come to my mind about the word Change

January 12, 2010

As we start out the new year, several thoughts come to my mind about the word Change.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts of  what makes a person a success in business and in life. I read a quote that a “Gem cannot be polished without friction”. I am constantly asking How can I reach my greatest potential?  Unrealized potential impacts our families, children and community.  I remember a man saying that the decisions that we make today impact our children, Grandchildren and future generations. This is very true. I think about the farming endeavors that my family and I are involved in now. If my Great Grand Father had not purchased the original farm in 1869, our family would not have it today and now getting ready to start Prawn farming as well as other endeavors. The decisions that he made then certainly impacts our family today
President John Kennedy said” Change is the law of life”. Therefore, ask the question, what change in my life will I make in my business and in my life? What do I do now? How do I reinvent myself? How do I use my talents to reshape or rebuild my life?  Let me know what your think.
Cedere Truimpho,
(Change and Triumph)