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Week 9 I Am Thankful

November 27, 2021

The MKE experience has reminded me of recogning the importance of being thankful. I now come to see more clearly the circumstances in my life are things that I am to be grateful. In one of the readings I am reminded that darkness allows us to be thankful for sun light, sadness allows us to be thankful to be joyous, death allows us to be thankful of life. Now is the time to visualize I can be who I want to be. I am now given the tools to allow me to be the person I can be. I am thankful that the MKE program was given to me so that I may become the greatest version of myself. All I can say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Week 8 Journey and Loss

November 22, 2021

Journey of steps takes one step at a time. I have had a lots of ups and downs this past week however the MKE experience has tremendously helped me cope. In the past I would have allowed the old script of Felton creep in to soothe the pain that I may have experienced. What has happened included a good friend dying of Covid, a young cousin dying, my wife having a light stroke. I faced up to my mortality and the possibilty of my home life that could change at a moment notice. “Do it Now” is so important. Why becuase the next day is not promised and saying I will get around to it may result in missing the opportunity of what you had planned to do. I recognize and smile to myself when I internally say “oh I will do it later” and my internal response is “do it now”. Also, on this journey, I am eperiencing more of an inner peace. The feeling of silent desperation is not as prevalent. Again, I attribute how I am coping with the MKE experience. Even though I am still a little behind, don’t quiete grasp the blogging assignment and I need to figure our what I am to do about tweets, I still am taking one step at a time on this journey. I am happy to say that I am not beating myself up because I don’t feel like I am where I should be on the journey. MKE is a powerful experience and I am so, so, so glad I was introduced to the life changing journey.