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Week 17

January 21, 2022

Time to Reboot

It is time for me to reboot and re-energize. I dont know what happened other than my old self is close to death and it is fighting to stay alive. The battle to kill the old self is to follow the habits. The habits are the formula for my success. All that has been given to me through MKE reinforces what I have always asked for. Just tell me what to do. This is a battle for my soul to succeed and This week and the upcoming minutes, hours, days are the path to my success.


Week 14

January 1, 2022

Understanding the Journey More

I am finally feeling the fuel that will propel me to be the best Felton I can be . I just watched Parts of Cool Runnings and Rudy. My plan is to go back and watch the movies completely. Due to time contraints and family I viewed the abreviated versions. However, I clearly saw, understood how with the Sleding team from Jamaica and the football story incorporated the Definite Major Purpose, Positive Mental Attitude, Plan of Action and having a Mastermind Alliance. The major key learning experiece for me were the intense emotions. For me that was the fuel that propelled them to success. I coud see it, I could feel it and I could witness the people that were surrounding the individuals who comprised of the Master mind alliance. I realize for my journey I have to overcome my upbringing of not showing emotions, not being too demonstrative and overcome the self limiting beliefs that I have grown accustomed to living by. I truly understand the directive of saying our plans with enthusiasm. Seeing the movies helped me better understand the journey..