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Truth to Live 21

February 26, 2022

As I read on the importance to concentrate on truth I have come to a realization. The journey on this Earth is to fullfill our own destiny. Our destiny is within and we must be conscious of what we create. When you spell live backwards it spells evil. Therefore it is evil to not live up to our highest potential. Do the work and by concentrating on the inner we can change our outer world. Create that which is good.


Week 20

February 19, 2022

The Scepter of Power

Tonight I write on the subject of Power and how I have run away from the Power from within. These past few weeks have been on a journey of running away from the Power that is within me. I see that the old me does not want to become the person that I could become. The good habits that would allow me to become the person that I can become shows that I have not done my habits. If I keep on doing the same thing I will get the same results. Tonight in my unexpected sit and meditaion the thouht came to me that I was afraid. However I inow that being afraid to live a more powerful means that I must recognize the fear and follow the guides to successful habits. The guide is for me to follow the habits that take me to the place where I am the person that I am to become.