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Thoughts come to my mind about the word Change

January 12, 2010

As we start out the new year, several thoughts come to my mind about the word Change.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts of  what makes a person a success in business and in life. I read a quote that a “Gem cannot be polished without friction”. I am constantly asking How can I reach my greatest potential?  Unrealized potential impacts our families, children and community.  I remember a man saying that the decisions that we make today impact our children, Grandchildren and future generations. This is very true. I think about the farming endeavors that my family and I are involved in now. If my Great Grand Father had not purchased the original farm in 1869, our family would not have it today and now getting ready to start Prawn farming as well as other endeavors. The decisions that he made then certainly impacts our family today
President John Kennedy said” Change is the law of life”. Therefore, ask the question, what change in my life will I make in my business and in my life? What do I do now? How do I reinvent myself? How do I use my talents to reshape or rebuild my life?  Let me know what your think.
Cedere Truimpho,
(Change and Triumph)


Wanted: People that will to help an organ transplant patient

December 15, 2009

What will a Random Act of Kindness Do? How Can You Help?

From the Desk of Felton Wooten in Greensboro, NC

Dear Friend,

Think about someone that has been very sick.

Have you been faced with a major obstacle and some people came to your rescue. Matthew Goodman, a North Carolina Central University (NCCU) graduate of 1979 and a native of Greensboro, NC recently had a Kidney and Pancreas transplant. Receiving the transplant was a significant milestone. He still faces many challenges. I told Matthew God still has work for him to do even though he is going through a lot right now. This is how you can create something good for this young man. Matthew was a cub scout in when my mother was a Den Mother. That is how I got to know Matthew many years ago. My brother and Matthew are good friends even and went to NCCU at the same time.

My goal is to help by raising money for some of his expenses after he returns from the hospital. If you decide to help, proceeds from each book sale will go towards helping Matthew. Several ways you can help by making any of the following purchases my books. Visit to purchase any of my books.

Do you know someone needing tips with starting a business? My book is called, “How Not to Run a Business”; 25 Critical Tips to Make a Business Succeed gives advise that I wish I had when I started 2 former businesses.

Need a good book for inspirational messages for teen girls? This is a good book to use to facilitate teen group discussions that are dealing with painful past and bad decisions. This Book is called “Letters to My Daughters”; A Series of 16 Inspirational letters

Do you know a caregiver of a patient that could benefit from some good advice about how to treat a patient better? As a Nursing Home Administrator for over 30 years, I developed a CD to help caregivers and family members

The CD is Quality of Life; Abuse Prevention Measures for caregivers
Visit: to purchase my book.

Tax deductible contributions can be made by mailing a check or money order to:
Wooten & Associates (501(c)3 organization, which helps the disabled and provide education to the public)
Address 4642 W. Market St., Suite 166, Greensboro, NC 27407

Purchase or make a contribution Today to support our efforts.
$10.00 How Not to Run a Business
$13.00 Letters to My Daughters
$24.94 CD Quality of Life; Elder Abuse Prevention
Add $2.00 for shipping and handling


From My books for teen and young Adult females and males

December 15, 2009

From My books for teen and young Adult females and males

In my book I stress the importance of writing our thought to younger people. Much wisdom goes to our grave and young people don’t benefit from our wisdom. When we do share our wisdom sometime it is done when we are angry or in a crisis. Also, the art of letter writing is not used as much, however when we write a letter we take the time to really chose the right words and really take the time to convey our thoughts. Just think when we are dead and gone if you had letters that your children could read, it could mean so much to them. I recently went the funeral of the mother a high school friend. He told me about the letters that his mother left for each one of her children. They were to be read upon her death. He said that the letters were some comforting and he would always cherish and have that written message from his mother.

Below is a poem that I wrote in 1987. Share this with a young person and help them to believe in themselves.


As I write these messages I want you to first of all
expect that life will offer many good experiences
and some experiences that you would consider not
so good. You must have faith and confidence to
believe that each experience will prepare you for
the next step in life.

Matthew 21:22

If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask
for in prayer

BELIEVE that you are a special person, placed on
earth to make a contribution.
Felton Wooten


BELIEVE that because God’s will, you were born
and destined to be the special person that you are.

BELIEVE that there are more people in the world
that wish you luck, success and happiness than
there are people that wish you harm and despair.

BELIEVE that no matter how old you are there will
be moments of despair, heartbreak, and happiness.

BELIEVE that through all the trials of life you will
have the eternal love of God, the love of friends,
and the love of relatives.

BELIEVE that you can accomplish all the things
you wish to do, but if you don’t, it was worth

BELIEVE that work is good and the
accomplishments of your work will be rewarding.

BELIEVE that all will not be easy, but you can
make your life rewarding and satisfying.

BELIEVE in yourself, mankind, and utmost in

KNOW that your future lies ahead of you.

KNOW that you have a choice of paths in life.

KNOW that it will not be easy choosing the paths
or which direction to take.

KNOW that God is always with you to help make
the choices, but remember that the choice will be

KNOW that you are never alone because of friends,
relatives and God.

KNOW that from this day on, you not only have
a choice of paths to take but KNOW that you can
ask for help from those who love you and wish you

KNOW that because of the forces of love, truth,
peace, and honesty you can find the answers that
you need in life. Ask for guidance from those that
are close to you. Be still; ask for guidance and
often the answer will come to you from within.

KNOW that the evil forces may try to make you
detour, but, learn, to look for the answer that feels
right to you.

In conclusion, REMEMBER these thoughts and:
As you look deep into your soul, learn to know
yourself, appreciate those who are close to you, and
absorb the beauty that surrounds you. Take time to
gave into the heavens, gave at the stars, and plot
your course in life by listening to that inner voice.