MKE Journey

week 1 very confused:

I don’t feel like I know what I am doing. I am spending a lot of time going back and forth trying to find where I am suppose to write things like my Definite purpose, how to blog. I had a blog page and I created another page for the masterkey program. I hope this gets to where it is suppose to be seen. I just don’t have a good grasp of what I am doing.

Week 2 I am more calm

The Master Key Experience is a wonderful way to have a wonderful life. I am learning a lot about creating a wonderful life. I have a much better understanding of the cause and effect. I realize that it has taken me 67 years to begin to understand that inside of us (the cause) really dictates what manifests in our outside world. Therefore it is so important to pay attention to our thoughts. Our thoughts originate inside of us. This week I really worked myself into a frenzy. It was all because of how I was thinking. The Master Key Experience helped me tremendously to regain and begin a new life, Scroll One. The readings are so helpful. Thank you for this experience. I am truly grateful.

Week 3 “Starting A New Life”

This an interesting journey. Just today a friend sent me a message. To summarize the message, a young adult is walking on a path and he meets a stranger at a fork in the road. Standing there the question is asked of the stranger ” Which Road should I take”. The stranger asks, where do you want to go? The reply was “I don’s Know”. The stranger then replies, well it doesn’t matter which road to take. I have often advised people that one must have in their mind a clear destination and create a road map to get there. If you do not have a map but you desire to go to Atlanta, however without a map to guide the travel, one might travel to Washington DC instead or even worse Washington State.

Now it is time to further create and start a new life. In the past I was plagued with being melancholy, suspicious, and generally unhappy. Today with the Master Key Experience I am starting to understand better how to navigate my new road map for life. Now I can work on being more positive and enjoy life. I now know that thinking and the way we think has a profound impact on what is created in life. As each day passes the lessons that we repeat daily from Master Key Experience are starting to sink in. It certainly takes time to create the new habits that are to help with creating a new life. In my case I have had 60+ years to practice and master bad habits and self defeating thoughts. Therefore if I don’t move as quickly as I feel like I should, I must not beat myself up and I must recognize there is a process to form good habits. Good habits must be learned and repeated to replace the old habits. Today is the first day of starting “My New Life”.

Week 4 The Power of Subby

This week has been an incredible week. I have had lots of challenges however I chose to visualize the outcome by going inward. By going inward and asking Subby to help me, I have found that I was less stressed or the outcome that I was stressed about turned out ok. I am seeing more and more the power of the master key experience and the importance of putting in the time and effort. I also am finding that the constant repetition of phrases is reprogramming my mind in a positive way. Example ” do it now” . I am finding that a habit of procrastinating has been partially replaced by the good habit of ,do it now. I also have been reminded that making a statement with “I” is also powerful. I am worthy, I am creative, I am love, I am prosperous, I am an instrument of God who can achieve success, I am grateful for the flow of blessing and I am confident to achieve greatness. I am thankful for the master key experience.

Week 5 Planning Our Life

Number 9 of our readings really made and impact on me.It is so very true that we are so very careful of how we go over the painstaing details of buildingfa house. It is now time to very specifically put in the time and build our mental health.. Cultivate what is inside us so that we make to the outside world.

Week 6 How am I to become the best version of me

I am starting to grasp more of how I need to manifest my DMP. This is a journey where the familiar old me creeps in and attempts to keep me doing the same things that I have always done. This is why I am where I am today. My outerworld reflects my inner world Following the master key experience is crucial for me creating the life that I desire. Seeking and working on what I am seeking to create all I need to do.. Follow the program and work the program is what I need and must do

Week 7 Thoughts are Things

Thoughts are things. I am starting to see how my life today is a result of my thinking in the past. I can remember exactly what I was thinking and how the manifestation occured. I wanted a particular person to come into my life. Sure enough the person came into my life with the physical appearance that I thought about. The problem with this picture was that physically the person had the features that I wanted however other parts of the personality was not suitable to my liking.. In the past I had a woe is me attitude and my life was like woe is me. Also thinking about not having enough money created conditions that made me not have enough money. What I have to do is to focus on what I desire. Catch the thought and destroy the negative thought. Constantly bless the day and know that good thoughts are created and we are on line. The clothes will now resume the position.


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